Oceania / Pacific Ocean

Oceania / Pacific Ocean


Yacht Charter in Australia

Australia is bounded by the Arafura Sea and Timor Seas to the north, the Coral and Tasman Seas of the South Pacific to the east, the Southern Ocean to the south, and the Indian Ocean to the west. Its coastline covers 36,738km (22,814 miles). Most of the population has settled along the eastern and south-eastern coastal strip.

Australia is the smallest continent (or the largest island) in the world. About 40% of the continent is within the tropics and Australia is almost the same size as the mainland of the United States of America. The terrain is extremely varied, ranging from tortured red desert to lush green rainforest.

Australia's beaches and surfing are world-renowned, while the country is also rich in reminders of its long, if often mysterious, past. These range from prehistoric Aboriginal art to Victorian colonial architecture. The landscape consists mainly of a low plateau mottled with lakes and rivers and skirted with coastal mountain ranges, highest in the east with the Great Dividing Range. There are rainforests in the far northeast (Cape York Peninsula). The southeast is a huge fertile plain.

Further to the north lies the enormous Great Barrier Reef, a 2000km (1200 mile) strip of coral that covers a total area of 345,000 sq km. Although Australia is the driest land on Earth, it nevertheless, has enormous snowfields the size of Switzerland. There are vast mineral deposits.

Weather Townsville
Weather T min T max Wind Prob. of Precipitation
Friday 27 Few clouds 26 29 NNE 10 km/h
Saturday 28 Sunny 26 29 NE 14 km/h
Sunday 29 Few clouds 26 28 NNE 14 km/h
Monday 30 Partly cloudy 26 28 NE 15 km/h
Tuesday 1 Partly cloudy 25 29 ENE 14 km/h
Wednesday 2 Partly cloudy 26 29 ENE 17 km/h