Provisioning - Buy Food & Beverages

Buy Food & Beverages Before Departure

We have chosen as our provisioning partner Yachtering Company, the leading operator for the delivery of provisions to the yacht marina in Mediterranean.  Yachtering is the only service provider on the market to offer a unique service of yacht supply with food ordered from the menu with recipes and delivery to the appointed time and place. The service is easy to use, that it takes only 5 minutes to make place an order for your yachting holidays. Depending on the number of persons and days on board, the program will automatically change the number of packs. The Product List can be easily edited to your personal wish.

  • choose your country of charter holidays (ex. Croatia, Italy, Montenegro etc)
  • specify the number of persons and charter duration in days
  • click on the preparation time of the meals to see our suggested selection of local and international dishes, ingredients and beverages chosen by our chefs
  • check the proposed dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, add, remove ingredients and beverages at your wish
  • specify marina address and prefered delivery time
  • confirm and pay

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