General Info

Due to its wonderful sunny weather, oriental hospitality and antique culture, Turkey is a perfect spot for your Yacht Charter vacations. The yachting region of Turkey is divided into two big areas – the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea with its beautiful coastline and the “Turkish Riviera” with numerous bays and beaches between Antalya and Anamur. Each of the regions has its own attractions for a dreamlike Yacht Charter cruise.  
Arrival & Visa Requirements

 There are some differences in the visa regulations between Turkey and the EU member states – the citizens of Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland do not require a visa to enter Turkey and stay there up to 90 days. Other European citizens must apply for a tourist visa, as described above. The current tourist visa fee for EU citizens is 20 EUR.

The citizens of the Russian Federation are allowed to enter Turkey with a tourist visa. A multiple entry visa for 2 months can be obtained in one of the Turkish consulate branches or on arrival at the local airport against a legal fee of 20 USD. In the visa application you can indicate Yacht Charter as your travel purpose and attach the travel voucher/boarding pass, which you will get from us after your Yacht Charter booking.  
Yacht Charter Regulations & Required Documents

For bareboat Yacht Charter in Turkey, the skipper has to possess a valid skipper licence.

For all Yacht Charter cruises in Turkish waters, you will be charged the so called transitlog. This is the obligatory customs charge for filing the names and personal data of the skipper and all crew members. In some cases, the amount of this charge may also include other additional services.

Traditions & Gastronomy

Turkey is proud of its 8333 kilometres long coastline, which makes it to one of the biggest Yacht Charter and water sports regions of the world. 2805 km of the Turkish coastline belong to the Aegean Sea. Avout 1577 km of the southern Turkish coast is called the Turkish Riviera. Your Yacht Charter crew will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains in the background. The sparkling blue bays with wonderful sand beaches are the real paradise for bathing and snorkelling lovers. Going ashore after an exciting Yacht Charter day, you will encounter the traces of the great history of this country. The Turkish coast is often referred to as the bigest open-air museum of the whole Mediterranean region. There are traces and remains from ancient cultures almost everywhere in Turkey. Just to name some of them, there are for example the remains of the greatest ancient metropolises Efes and Pergamom, which are absolutely worth seeing. Yacht Charter guests who wish to see the modern Turkish life shall visit some of the numerous markets and bazars. There, in the narrow streets of the old little towns, you will feel the spirit of the old Orient. The bazars are full of different exotic goods – near traditional handicraft you can even find precious jewelery. Please do not forget the famous bargain tradition!

While your Yacht Charter cruise, you will definitely have many opportunities to taste the Turkish cuisine, which is known as one of the best in the world. The cooking tradition dates back to the times of sultans, when finest cooks competed for the title of the best in the whole land. Nowadays, you can choose out of the huge range of dishes, for example over 50 different aubergines plates.

Walking on the shore, you can explore the diversity of the flora and fauna – there are many animals and plants species brought to Turkey from Europe, Asia and even Africa.

Weather Marmaris
Weather T min T max Wind Prob. of Precipitation
Saturday 28 Thunderstorm 16 19 SSW 31 km/h
Sunday 29 Partly cloudy 15 18 SSE 2 km/h
Monday 30 Few clouds 13 18 NW 22 km/h
Tuesday 1 Few clouds 11 17 NW 16 km/h
Wednesday 2 Sunny 11 19 NW 14 km/h
Thursday 3 Sunny 12 18 NNW 17 km/h